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Gulf Harbour Covers & Marine Interiors

Making good boats look great!

We specialise in marine canvas covers and canopies for boats of all shapes and sizes, quality custom upholstery, and carpet design and construction.

Gulf Harbour Covers & Marine Interiors
Neotech Fender Covers

We are the experts in New Zealand fender cover solutions, all manufactured in New Zealand.

Flexima Mattresses

We are the sole New Zealand agents for Flexima mattresses.

Cockpit and Flybridge Enclosures

Designed to fully enclose and protect the cockpit/flybridge when the boat is not in use as well as keeping the hot sun off you on those summer fishing days.

Adds another living area to either the cockpit or flybridge.

Enclosures can include a canvas roof and free standing stainless frame, or hardtop.

The covers are designed to be fully independent of each other, allowing you to have as little or as much protection as required.

Dodger and Bimini Canopies

A variety of dodger and bimini canopies are available, and are designed and manufactured to your individual needs.

Dodger canopies are manufactured as either one piece covers, or with separate removable side clear windows.

Bimini canopies offer overhead protection in the cockpit while the boat is underway, and can be folded back onto the support bars when not in use.

Soft Top Wheelhouse

Designed to fully enclose the wheelhouse area of a weekend open top cruiser, this canopy arrangement allows the customer to fully zip remove the clear PVC front screen and side curtains, leaving an overhead roof as protection only.

A canvas backdrop is also zipped to the back bar of the main roof, and is fitted with additional access zips and roll up ties.

The frames are individually designed to meet your requirements and the design of the vessel.

Sail covers / Stack packs

Standard sail covers are designed to cover the sail in the folded position on the boom. This cover is fitted to the boom and has a zip and adjustable webbing straps.

The stack pack sail cover is designed to open and allow the sail to be hoisted with the cover acting as a guide (lazy jack).

The main body section is designed to be opened using an open-end zip, and catches the sail as it drops to the boom. The main body is attached to the boom and is fitted with heavy-duty battens to stabilize the edges of the main body.

Tender Covers

Designed to be used as an operating pontoon cover or storage cover.

The operating pontoon covers are designed to protect the pontoons of the tender during normal operating procedures. The panels are individually patterned to give a fully fitted finish.

These covers can be designed to fit the tender in the upright position, with outboard included in the cover, or in an inverted position with no outboard attached.

Polycarbonate Clear Screens

Makrolon® AR (abrasion-resistant) polycarbonate sheet offers glasslike surface hardness and the impact strength of polycarbonate. With enhanced UV resistance to protect against yellowing and hazing, excellent clarity for an extended period of time.

Windscreen Covers

Designed to protect the interior of the boat from harmful UV rays, the screen cover is generally manufactured from 90% UV block out mesh to allow vision while cutting down the heat and sun damage.

Screens can be mounted externally or internally. Screens are fully reinforced internally using heavy duty PVC, and are trimmed using acrylic bindings.

Saloon Dinette / Flybridge Seating

Saloon and flybridge seating design and manufacture, is typically the same whether it is fitted to a sailing or power vessel.

Saloon and flybridge areas are designed predominantly to be used for seating, in comfort and style.

In some cases it can also double as a sleeping area. This can be taken into account at the design stage.

Hull / Wall / Head Linings

Hull linings are designed to cover the hull in areas where it would be otherwise exposed.

Due to the fact that the hull is generally not finished to a high standard, we use a velour lining that does not show minimal discrepancies in the finish.

Wall linings are designed to cover all vertical surfaces, and give the interior a stylish lift while also breaking up the amount of hull lining required.

Head linings are designed to suspend from above and are generally fitted to ply boards and velcroed in position.


Carpets are laid in sections depending on each individual vessel.

All carpets are rotary bound, and can be fitted with a variety of underlays in a number of methods (from gluing to stapling in place using stainless staples).

Sleeping Mattresses

Sleeping mattresses can be designed to fit in a number of different areas. Mattresses must be fitted with a number of different cut-outs and bevels for a precise fit.

Mattresses can also be manufactured from a variety of fabrics, with some fabrics being more suitable than others for certain environments.

Screens and Shades

Screens can be manufactured in canvas/PVC when protection from rain and wind is required.

Clear PVC when visibility is a necessity or mesh when sun and UV needs to be blocked out.

Screens are suspended from above using awning track, with toll up ties fitted for when screens are not used.

Shades are designed to be fitted to either nominated posts, or fixing points on the building.

Shade sails are manufactured from 90% UV block out mesh, and are fitted with a spectra line around the entire circumference to give the shade stability and strength.

Neotech Fender Covers

Neotech fender covers are all custom made to fit any shape and size and manufactured in New Zealand to our exacting standards.

The covers are designed and manufactured to protect the hull from fender scuff and reduce the need for expensive gel coat repair.

Neotech covers are made to withstand our harsh conditions, using specially designed neoprene to make a strong soft cover that will not fade like Acrylic covers and will outlast and outperform any other brand on the market.





Repair Work

At Gulf Harbour Covers we operate a no obligation free assessment of your covers.

We will travel to your boat, assess the covers or interior, and report with our recommendations for an appropriate cause of action, whether it is the repair or replacement of the item in question.

Please note: This free service is available in the Central Auckland / Gulf Harbour areas only.

Make your boat look great again!

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